Banned Volkswagon Commercial

10 Mar

Volkswagon in the past has made good quality commercials that have sparked the interests of consumers, however in one particular commercial the advertisment was banned due to negative stereotyping. The commercial starts as arab gets into a Volkswagon vehicle and later drives up to a local resteraunt. Once he arrives we see that he has a bomb strapped to his chest portraying the arab to be terriost suicide bomber. However as he presses the button to detenate his explosives, the car is shown to be strong enough to hold the explosion inside the car. Though this a very good example of how tough the car is, the negative stereotyping in this commercial makes enough noise to stop Volkswagons message from coming across to its potential consumer. This commercial is very offensive due to how Volkswagon portrays Arabs to be terriost when in reality almost arab people are not. There are other ways to show the strength and stability of the Volkswagon vehicle and portraying an Arab terriost is not the way to do so. A commercial like this has no place on television due to the commercials offensive content.


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