Peripheral Route VS. Central Route in Car Commercials

21 Oct

We were talking about peripheral routes and central routes in class and it made me realize that a lot of car commercials use peripheral routes to reach the potential customer over central routes. Some of the commercials are easy to remember and are a good laugh. Some I find to be irrelevant and I don’t think that the message was delivered clearly. Which one is more effective?

This commercial was very catchy and it basically tells you that the Kia Soul is better than any other car that is out.

This commercial I felt was a little irrelevant I understand that farmers drive pick up trucks but that was the only thing I got out of this commercial. I feel as if Ford failed to get their message out.

This was a central route commercial that I think was very effective and the message was delivered clearly.

There are great commercials and bad commercials of each persuasion route it all depends on how well you can get the message out.


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